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Darkstone Arms


Dancers, Heralds, and Scribes... Oh, My!
The Kingdom of Northshield Heralds and Scribes Symposium

September 17th, 2005 in Washburn, WI.

Event Steward:

Lady Mira Stonegatherer (Heather Albee): (715) 209-0767. e-mail: mira_stonegatherer@yahoo.com

Class Coordinator:

Comtesse Guenievre du Dragon Vert (Jennifer Carlson): (612) 968-0198. e-mail: grnjenny@yahoo.com


Lady Eithne Tuatha de Danaan (Lynn Meyers): (715) 209-0344. e-mail: cheetahgirllm@yahoo.com

Merchant and Crash Space Coordinator:

Lady Maisy Stargazer (Nikki Schultz): (715) 685-0112. e-mail: nikkis@ncis.net

Site Details:

Site Fee: $13.00 with a $3.00 discount for members of the SCA.

Feast Fee: $10.00 with a limit of 50 gentles. Pre-registration is encouraged! Please e-mail the feast-o-crat for pre-registration details

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Hotel Information

Site opens at 9am and closes at 10pm. Classes begin promptly. There will be a full feast served on site for those who wish to purchase a ticket.